Claim Management


Key Focus Areas

  • Außergerichtliche Forderungseinhebung im In- und Ausland
  • Erhebung fehlender Schuldnerdaten
  • Identifizierung von Schuldnervermögen im In- und Ausland
  • Einbringung einer Mahnklage bzw. allenfalls Klage
  • Vertretung im Falle eines Einspruches vor Gericht
  • Litigation to enforce your claims
  • Execution
  • Selection of an adequate means of execution
  • Taking over collection orders in individual cases or on a permanent basis
  • Filing injunctions
  • Concluding promising extension and instalment plans as well as the monitoring of their implementation
  • Representation and consultation in debtor insolvencies
  • Analysis of your accounts receivable and consulting on the possibilities of improving your balance sheet

Industry Know-how

Banking and insurance, trade, service industry including economic, tax and legal consultation

Areas covered

The service has been rendered yet the invoice has still not been paid. This is a scenario that happens in business all too often. If the number of customers owing money accumulates, it can quickly have a negative effect on your company's liquidity. It therefore becomes important to address the debtors regarding the payment of outstanding claims without delay. As a legal consultancy with many years of experience in debt collection, we are at your service in all matters relating to converting receivables into liquidity effectively with a high success rate and in a cost-neutral way while protecting the customer relationship.

Outstanding payments will first be dunned by us in the form of extrajudicial proceedings through a request for payment sent by our attorneys. If payment is still not received, the claim will be asserted immediately and without delay in court (dunning procedure or legal action). Should the debtor still not make payment after obtaining the court decision, execution proceedings shall follow. From extrajudicial legal reminders to foreclosure, we as a law firm combine everything for your debt collection service needs into one point of contact. Within the framework of the debt collection process, we can respond flexibly depending on any situation. We can react without delay to objections of the debtor, conduct proceedings or conclude agreements for reasonable instalment plans.