White- Collar Crime


Key focus areas

  • Anticipatory advice
  • Fraud examination
  • Representation of injured parties
  • Criminal defence
  • Tax offence law
  • Compliance

Sector expertise

Banking, finance and insurance, energy, technology/media/telecommunications, transport and infrastructure, industry and manufacturing (automotive, paper, pulp, textile fibre industry and mechanical engineering), commerce and sales, tourism and entertainment, private individuals

Areas covered

We provide comprehensive advice on criminal law, particularly in connection with the risks involved in entrepreneurial decisions and their implications under criminal law as it relates to business offenses. PHH supports clients by assigning certified fraud examiners to investigate the facts and circumstances under criminal law, and we defend our clients against charges by task-organizing teams of accomplished business lawyers and expert criminal litigators. Thanks to our many years of experience in these areas, we are in a position to provide tailored and effective compliance solutions, always based on a thorough survey of our clients’ needs. In cases involving damages as a result of criminal offenses, we prosecute the claims of the injured parties quickly and efficiently during the actual criminal proceedings, thus avoiding costly and time-consuming civil proceedings.